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Math, test prep, life skills, and more! Anyone who has struggled with the hard concepts will finally “GET IT” with Mr. D Live! Even on subjects that your child hates —and you hate it even more— both of you will relax and learn as your frustrations evaporate into thin air with Mr. D Live’s easy-to-grasp video tutorials and interactive online classes. Every lesson includes simple principles and instruction, as well as a unique and powerful, hands-on approach to understanding hard to grasp concepts that you won’t receive from any other program.

Online Curriculum

Each math course has 12 chapters of video-based instruction, plus quizzes, exams, and solutions.

Group Classes

EJoin a live, interactive weekly class session via web conference (no special equipment needed).

Test Preparation

Mr. D has proven success raising students’ math scores on the ACT, FCAT, GED, SAT, and more!

Top Instructors

Stop worrying about tutoring your child yourself! Bring a world-class math teacher into your home

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