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Dennis DiNoia has been immersed in education for over 30 years. He holds an M.A. in Education from the University of South Florida and has been a Florida State Certified Secondary Mathematics Teacher since 1988.

Now, Mr. D works with students from around the world a variety of topics, including math, life skills, test prep, and more! He has a deep passion for helping connect educational concepts to everyday life and exposing students to endless possibility and potential for their futures! Through his classes, curriculum, speaking engagements, Mr. D Live team, and resources, Mr. D strives to provide families with empowering solutions and rich understanding for life!


More than 10 years ago, Mr. D left the public school system to develop an online curriculum for all levels of high-school math, from pre-algebra to pre-calculus. His unique and effective approach allows students to understand math as a language, and he infuses problem-solving skills that transfer to everyday life.

Mr. D has had great success in assisting students to raise their test scores on SAT/ACT/FCAT and other standardized tests. Due to the need for assistance in this area, he created specialized test preparation seminars and online videos based on his years of experience in the school system and private tutoring industry.

From 2012–2014, Mr. D served as the Standardized Testing Consultant for Kamaile Academy PCS, a K-12 charter school program located in Waianae, Hawaii. He was given the task of transforming the pupils’ standardized test results because this school was in the bottom 5% of the state with regard to test score results. Using his proven test-taking strategies, Mr. D redesigned the school’s test preparation, administration, and implementation for the 2012-13 school year. The school has now seen the most dramatic test score improvement in its 30-year history and was awarded the “Most Improved Charter School” in all the Hawaiian Islands. Waianae has a higher population of native Hawaiians than any of the Hawaiian Islands. In an area where only 6% of the population attends college, the paradigm has shifted. High school students are now taking college courses while still in high school.


Mr. D Live classes, curriculum, and co-ops are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Most programs give you a workbook and leave you to figure it out on your own. Not us! Students (and parents) have a built-in teaching partner through our unique set up and hands-on interaction. We provide support for all your needs and are always accessible to answer any questions along the way. Using simple technology, we provide an online video format that allows students and parents to review lessons at home as well as in the classroom but will continue to use examples and solutions that are handwritten, and the students watch the Mr. D’s hand doing the writing! Research shows that this increases comprehension and retention. The program caters to multiple “learning styles” to communicate effectively with tactile, imaginative, and logical learners so that no one is lost or left behind. We provide a comprehensive solution manual that shows each and every answer worked out step by step and students score their own coursework and exams, to further deepen the learning process.

That last point is especially important. Have you ever noticed that when you give a student back a test or assignment, they will first look at their grade, then see which ones were wrong, then put it away? What tends to not happen is a student going back to see how to correct a mistake that or what step was left out or missed. In this program, as students complete assigned lessons or tests for the week, they will check their own work with the solution manual. They also have access to the Mr. D Math staff via help sessions and email if questions rack their brains.



My name is Dennis DiNoia and what really lights me up is teaching teens. I have a masters degree in education from the University of South Florida and have been working in education since 1988. I used to work in the public school system, but when I created Mr.D Math as an online curriculum, I also created the opportunity to work from anywhere! I now live part of the year in Spain, part of the year in Florida and part of the year in Puerto Rico.  I spend my summers speaking at homeschool conventions across the United States. Besides math and my family, I love music! I have played the trumpet for over 40 years and even sang in a rock band! In addition to math, I also teach test prep Bootcamps and our College and Career Readiness courses. My mission in life is nurture students’ love for learning and support them in creating a life they love. Without question, what inspires me the most are my students. It is my commitment to honor them as the future of our world and equip them with everything they need to blossom and use their lives to make a positive difference.


My name is Henderson Riley and my students call me Mr. H. I live in Bradenton, FL. I teach Mr. D Math classes in Tampa, FL, Sarasota FL and live online classes. I also do 1 day SAT Bootcamps all across Florida. I was a school teacher in Sarasota FL and was in charge in the entire math department at my school. I was also part of the 21st Century Education in Technology. Working with Mr. D has given me the ability to do what I love: work with young people to help fulfill their dreams of what they want to be as they grow up. I love riding my motorcycle whenever possible and really enjoy watching movies.


My name is Candi Schultz. I’m from southern California and have been living in Florida since 2014 with my husband, the love of my life, our three children, and our gigantic Golden Doodle. Beyond a love for mathematics, I enjoy singing, dancing, and acting. I’ve done all three professionally and I still am blessed to sing in my church choir and act in skits. I have homeschooled since my first born was in kindergarten. Currently, I facilitate Mr. D Math Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II at Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Academy in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I also lead  online Help Sessions every week. In 2018, I will take on the role of principal of Lighthouse. Teaching has been my passion since I graduated with my bachelor of science degree in Accountancy. I have taught in public charter schools, private schools, and homeschool Co-ops. I love the opportunity to make math understandable for the students I work with. It is such a privilege to watch them grow and for math to change from being a confusing drudgery to a confidence-building skill. Spending time with our students is incredible. It is wonderful to watch their individual talents and personalities come through as they work.


My name is Georgia Gordon Konopczynski, and my students call me Mrs. K.  I received a BS in Physics with a Minor in Mathematics from Eckerd College.  I started out my teaching career in 2015 at a public middle school in Sarasota, Fl.  My first year teaching I received the Florida High Impact Teacher Award.  I worked with a range of students and classes, from 6th grade Gifted to 8th-grade E.S.E.  I enjoy playing sports and drums, and in my free time, I am heavily involved in a church plant with some friends here in Bradenton Florida.  My passion is teaching and tutoring.  I love how the Mr. D Math program makes math understandable, useful, and fun!

My name is Lourdes Michael. I am married to my best friend, Tom, and we have been blessed we three amazing children all of whom have been homeschooled. They all have had Mr. D as their teacher. Currently, my youngest child is participating in Mr. D’s online geometry class as we are taking a year-long road-schooling trip around the United States.  In addition to being a homeschool mom, I have a master’s in education and am certified to teach Pre-K–3, Health-K–12, Physical Education K-12, and ESOL. I have taught in the public, private, and online educational arenas. I have over 27 years of teaching experience and am still passionate about working with children and their families. As a member of Mr. D’s team, I will be serving you as his administrative assistant by answering your emails and returning your phone calls.

My name is Becki Hogan. I’m a former public school math teacher turned homeschool mom of 4. I love learning alongside with my kids and being a part of a large Classical Conversations (could just say homeschool) group in our area. I facilitate the in-person and online math classes with Mr. D Math. I grew up in western NY state, moved to Pennsylvania for college and have settled north of Philadelphia. I enjoy mathematics and helping students understand and use math in everyday life. When not working with my kids or others, I’m caddying for one of my kids on the disc golf course, reading a good book, or playing board games with my family. I think we’re always learning something new every day so I like to show my kids that I can learn new subjects too.


My name is Seth Hogan. After 18 years as a public school math teacher, I became a missionary with Eagles Wings Disc Golf. I still love math and am excited to teach with Mr D Math at the in-person math classes in Souderton, PA and the Mr. D Math Extra Help Sessions. I have my master’s degree in Educational Strategies from Wilkes University as well as my BA in Mathematics with  Educational Certification from Messiah College. I’m a homeschool dad of 4 and the husband of Mrs. B (who also teaches for Mr D Math). Besides mathematics, I enjoy disc golf and board games.


Thia is a graduate of Gallaudet University, the only Deaf college in the world, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Interpretation. She is an active member in the Deaf community.


Stephen has worked in the field of information technology since he was 15 years old when he began his career by working for an ISP while still in high school. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Florida Gulf Coast University and a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Kennesaw State University. Over the years, Stephen has worked specifically in the web development field, managed an Information Technology department, and taught classes at Georgia Highlands College for over 6 years.

His wife, Jacky Souders, has over 15 years of experience teaching kids of all ages and a degree in early childhood education from Edison State College (now Florida SouthWestern State College). Over the years, Jacky has worked as an early childhood teacher and managed an after school program. Together, Stephen and Jacky opened MYTEK LAB in 2015.

Jenni and Jody

We co-hosted a weekly parenting radio show for more than six years.
For three years, our radio show was syndicated in different markets around the U.S. We wrote a syndicated weekly parenting newspaper column for six years.  We’ve written freelance articles for a wide range of publications including The Old Schoolhouse magazine, Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr magazines and a wide range of regional magazines and newspapers.

We co-own a Florida-state-registered umbrella school that provides a legal covering for Florida homeschool families.  We currently sit on the board of directors of our local homeschool group. We also consult with families throughout the U.S. and in Canada about wide range of parenting and homeschooling issues.