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Student Testimonials

“I never thought I’d take a summer math course, but after I learned pre-algebra with Mr. D, I signed myself up for his twelve week course and LOVED IT!!!  Mr. D is so funny.  For example, the other day in geometry class he said, “Today we’re going to do some algebra, so I know Gracie’s doing cartwheels over there!”  (He knows algebra is my favorite!)  Mr. D also explains the lessons very well and answers all of my questions.  If I need to email him with a question, he answers me quickly and it always helps.   I really like how much Mr. D cares about his students and notices little details.  I highly recommend Mr. D’s classes!” – Gracie R, Tampa, FL

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“I didn’t expect a thing from this program a year ago when I heard about it for the first tiKylieStoupme. I’ve been homeschooled for the past 8 years of my life so I’ve learned not to EVER show emotion outside of niceties to the salesperson whenever my mom tries to rope me into a new curriculum. It always blows up in my face when – after two months and so many painful hours later – I hate the curriculum but my mom holds my original naïve excitement against me. ESPECIALLY when it comes to math (my least favorite subject and worst subject intellectually).  I agreed to try Mr. D Math out on trial for a year because the other math program was so much less appealing and this program had a face to the name. A face that talked to me and smiled and reminded me of my uncle. Someone that seemed really passionate about teaching kids math and helping them to maybe not hate it so much in the process. 2 semesters later and I could not be more surprised by the outcome. The live online class is amazing and a definite change of pace at the start of my week.  I actually feel like Mr. D cares about me as a person and not just as a student. I can tell you right now I have NEVER liked or even understood my math in the past but now with Mr. D I am an “A” student and enjoying learning about Pythagorean triples and lines. Is every day easy? No. And it will never be entirely easy for me. But Mr. D will always be an email away if I get too stuck. Mr. D doesn’t expect perfection from us and doesn’t get irritated when we don’t get it right away. He understands that sometimes it takes time for a certain idea to click in a student’s mind. But he encourages us to do our best and has tons of grace for tests, quizzes and grade entries. He’s quick to laugh at a joke and I’ve never heard him raise his voice or get irritated. All in All Mr. D is the dream math teacher and I’m SO glad that I have Mr. D math for the rest of my high school career. I’m sure I’d be lost without him and I KNOW my mother-daughter relationship would not be as healthy as it is without it (math was always a little stressful for my teacher and I). Basically, thanks Mr. D for being amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better math year and look forward to next year. You’re the best!  —Kylie S, Aurora, IN

“Being in Mr. D’s class has completely charged my view point of math. I used to always dread doing math and now I don’t mind it. I always look forward to class. Mr. D makes it fun and easy to remember. It is great being able to ask him questions I have about things being taught or anything math related. This class has definitely helped me with better grades and comprehension.” —Abigail D, Easley, SC

Sarah“Mr. D made me want to learn math that stretched my mind and made me really think. Who would have thought! Everything was just clear and made complete sense for the first time since letters were added into what was suppose to be a number thing. And as it turns out, I actually do use this stuff! True story!” —Sarah S, Sarasota, FL

“”I had trouble with Pre-Algebra and wasn’t prepared for Algebra, but after joining Mr. D’s Online Classes, I am having fun and I finally understand it. I am even retaining the information. Now Algebra II is easy.” —Alex H, Clearwater, FL

IMG_8739“I like how Mr.D gets to know each of his students by name and will talk directly to you when we are in our online class with him. His teaching is very understandable and if you do not “get it” he will talk to you and explain it again just for you. And, if you are needing additional assistance, he has live extra help sessions. The homework load is easily manageable and if you need help with a particular problem, he has an extra help video right below the course work. Mr. D math is the best math I have ever done!” —Logan G, Dallas TX

“I was in your Algebra 1 class last year. I just wanted to say thank you, because before your class I really struggled with math but after taking your class I have become very good at it! Geometry is easier than I ever thought it would be, and I even help tutor some of the people who don’t quite get it! Again thank you, you really helped math make sense.”

—Noah D, St. Petersburg, FL

Version 2“Since I’ve begun Mr. D math, I no longer dread my daily math homework. I love having a live class to go to, where I can ask Mr. D any questions I might have about the week’s course work, and it’s also helpful to have the extra online videos to watch if I have trouble with the course work. Now I’m even able to explain difficult algebra problems to my classmates at my Classical Conversations community! Mr D’s curriculum has helped me understand math so much better and I’m so grateful!” —Anna P, Peachtree City, GA

“I took the Mr. D Math SAT Bootcamp during October and November, and when I took the SAT in December, I raised my math score by 120 points!”

—Maria L, Tampa, FL

“Before coming to Mr. D’s classes, I really didn’t like math.  I was one of those students who dreaded math every day.  Now, math is one of my favorite (and highest graded) subjects.  Mr. D makes me laugh every time I talk to him either on the internet or over email.  He is always in a bright and chipper mood.  His classes are often the highlight of my day.  If I have a question after our online class session, I watch the online videos. They are great.  If I still have a question, then I email Mr. D and he answers me without hesitation.  Math is so much more fun when you have Mr. D as a teacher!  The concept of his classes has worked immensely well for me.  I am grateful for the different times the classes are run because of our crazy schedule. Thank you so much Mr. D for helping me along my math journey.  I will never forget what you have done for me!    —Marianna P, Sarasota, FL

IMG_7951“I love Mr. D Math because I am able to interact with my teacher and ask questions during the live online class session. His teaching style makes math easy to understand. I also like being able to interact with the other students in my online class. The website is set up with online videos of examples of the course work if I need help with any particular problem.” —Kendyl G, Dallas TX

“Thank you Mr. D, we are so happy! After taking the SAT Bootcamp, Catalina improved her score by exactly 100 points. She earned a 660. Woo Hoo!” —Idaliz G, Orlando, FL

“Working with Mr. D has helped me with breaking down word problems and using simple equations to solve what seems like large problems. I just finished Pre-Calculus with Mr. D and I am now off to college!” —Annalee B, Sarasota, FL

“Math has always been a struggle for me and I really didn’t think I’d ever get any better at it. I gave up on learning what seemed to be pointless problems with the thought that I’d never use it in “real life” anyway. After I started working with Mr. D, my math skills have greatly improved as well as my confidence to take on any math problem thrown my way. I no longer feel confused by Algebra and I can learn the lessons in my Homeschool program more quickly and easily. I feel happier with myself and my abilities. I’m a Big Sister mentor and now I actually help my little sis with her sixth grade math homework which is something I can feel good about. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I could help anyone with math!  —Felicia M, Sarasota, FL

“I took Mr. D’s SAT Boot Camp in 2011, and my results blew me out of the water! I raised my score 100 points from the last time I had taken the SAT. He helped me to achieve my best and showed me exactly what to expect … I couldn’t have done it without him.”

—James S, Sarasota, FL

“Before I met Mr. D, I would become so frustrated with tough equations on tests and complicated formulas I had to remember. It was so bad that even when I saw a simple algebra problem, it frightened me. I was at my wit’s end when I discovered Mr. D. While working with him, I learned how easy intricate/long problems and concepts can be. I can honestly say that no other math curriculum has made it this clear for me and given me this much confidence in myself. He showed me many techniques that allow me to work a problem in half the time. His SAT class helped me to get high enough scores that I was able to pick the college of my choice. And on the first try too! He has given me a solid foundation of knowledge and methods that I can carry with me throughout my entire life. He has made a drastic difference in my life and I thank God that I was so blessed to have him as my math teacher. I have never been this confident!” —Nate R, Sarasota, FL

Parent Testimonials

“This was our first full year of homeschooling, and the stress of helping the girls with their “math homework” from public school was completely eliminated for us. I have had the luxury of hands off in math this school year. Oh what a feeling! So thank you for all your work. I’m one happy momma and so are my girls.”  —April G, Dallas TX

“I want to say thank you for a GREAT year of math! Math has never been so “easy” for Jacob or myself. You will also have two of his friends joining you in the fall. We rant and rave about you and the way you are able to truly explain concepts so clearly! Your videos are fabulous too!! My son actually understands Algebra! You have turned his attitude around. He use to be scared of math and quite frankly, hated it. Pre-Algebra was taught so “over his head” and the other Algebra curriculum he tried was a complete nightmare. We are both looking forward to you teaching him Geometry online in the fall. I have already registered him for your Tuesday class.” —Becky S, Orlando, FL

“We appreciate all you do!  My daughter Dana said, “Mom, math is my favorite subject now.”  This is HUGE because it was like pulling her teeth and MINE until this year!  You are AWESOME! :)” —Dina B, Land O Lakes, FL


“Mr. D’s infectious enthusiasm about  math assures that you can succeed  in math.  In his classes, he engages each and every student by name to  participate, leading them to become problem solvers and guiding the students through encouragement.”

—Rosella N, Tampa, FL

“Mr. D has given my children confidence and has not just helped them in math but with other things as well. His program has done so much for them. He has a true gift for reaching young people!” —Carolyn F, Tampa, FL

“My son is an international baccalaureate student and was struggling tremendously with the IB algebra II curriculum. After working with Dennis, he mastered the curriculum and his grades raised from C to A. Dennis made all the difference in the world! Without a doubt, without a question, absolutely, and definitely this curriculum has helped! Dennis has such a great mastery of the subject matter and his personality and enthusiasm are such that students love working with him. I can say that I’ve never encountered a math teacher, and I have encountered some that I like very much, that is better than Dennis, Period.”

—Dan D, Sarasota, FL

“My son had math anxiety. All throughout school he had bad math teachers that didn’t help him or care to for that matter. When we found Mr. D it finally clicked for Ben and allowed him to be able to take on high school algebra. I recommend him all the time! He is a math superhero and has made all the difference when it comes to Ben’s grades and confidence!” —Carol Ann K, Sarasota, FL

TammieI knew when I met Mr. D at the FPEA Convention in Florida and his students approached him at the convention with “Hey, Mr. D!” that he was the person I wanted to be teaching math to my kids. He is friendly and funny. He encourages kids to master the concepts in a relaxed manner. I appreciate all he does!

—Tammie B, St. Augustine, FL

“He has helped my daughter become more focused and confident. Her grades are wonderful and if I had to place him on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best I would give him a 50. He is amazing!” —Angela M, Sarasota, FL

“My daughter was a junior in high school when we contacted Mr. D for help with Geometry. Not only did his program help her grasp all the Geometry concepts in her homeschool math curriculum where she was struggling, but I can see that many of the gaps have gotten filled in her math education. As a results, Mr D Math has made my daughter feel more capable and confident with math. She is doing Algebra II and tackling material that once would have been difficult and frustrating. With Mr D Math, she learns the material quickly and moves through her homeschool lessons with a positive attitude. No more math Phobia!” —MariBeth M, Sarasota, FL


“My husband was working our son on his math and made the comment, “I have never heard a teacher explain this so clearly!” Our son jumped 4 grades in his math computation score on the Iowa standardized test this year. I didn’t realize there was such a tremendous gain.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!”

—Marjorie B, Sarasota, FL

“While working with Mr. D, my daughter’s grades have skyrocketed! He was patient and made sure she grasped the concepts before they moved on to new ones.. He helped her to achieve her very best. He helped my daughter so much and I’ve seen such a difference in her.” —Laura G, Sarasota, FL

Christy“Math with Mr. D is the first time either of my girls has ever been excited about Math. Dennis has a way of explaining challenging problems and formulas without making kids feel dumb. He is encouraging, engaging, clearly suited to helping your kids fall in love with lifetime learning. My son learned great test-taking skills that earned him Bright Futures For college. Thanks, Mr. D!”

—Christy B, Sarasota, FL

“My boys were tutored by Mr. D over the summer. I sat in on each of the sessions and was AMAZED at the way he made Math so much easier to understand, even for me! My boys are in 2nd grade this year and are doing very well in Math. We still apply the rules and techniques that they learned over the summer. Their speed has improved greatly with their addition and subtraction. I look forward to working with Mr. D and Mr D Math products again in the future as my boys get into more complicated math lessons (multiplication, division, algebra), because Mr. D has a wonderful way of explaining in better detail the process, verses the traditional way most teachers teach math. His teaching method makes math less complicated and more fun!” —Erika A, Sarasota, FL, mom of twins Doc and Max


“Your program is fantastic. My kids have made remarkable strides in math in just a few months with you as their guide. As a mother of 4, a Board Member and President of the Neuro Challenge Foundation, I have found relief with the Mr. D Math program knowing how limited my time can be in any given day.”

—Doreen S, MBA, Sarasota, FL

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! My daughter Caitlyn took the math section PERT college placement test shortly after taking your intensive SAT bootcamp and she received a score which put her directly into College Algebra! This would not have been possible without your help. Thanks so much” —Mary B, Tampa, FL

“Mr. D spoke recently at our monthly support meeting for Learning and Families Homeschool Support Group. He was a hit! Everyone, from the youngest student present to the parents, listened intently while Mr. D made math understandable and simple. He makes math make sense. His approach is lighthearted and fun so the students were drawn in immediately. He smiles continuously and moves with ease from one aspect of math to the next as he uses his original approach to pull it all together. Many of the ideas he taught were able to be put to use at home right away because they were simple and made so much sense! Most parents share the same opinion that if math were taught the way Mr. D teaches it when we were in school, we would have been A students and loved math!” —Andrea, homeschool parent and member of Learning and Families Homeschool organization

“Math has always been a struggle for our son Matthew, so when I found out about Mr. D, I thought I would give it a try. In just a few months time he went from struggling adding one digit numbers to multiplying two digit numbers and even doing some word problems. Mr. D Math has really pulled the strengths out in Matthew which has helped him to jump 1 full grade level when he was tested. This has helped to boost his self-esteem so as a parent I can praise him for what he is learning instead of getting frustrated with what I don’t think he is getting. Mr. D covers it all. Mr D Math has also helped my daughter in high school to understand her Algebra better. The Mr D Math program definitely delivers from elementary through high school and does it well.” —Cynthia S, Sarasota, FL


Teacher Testimonial

“Mr. D came to Hawaii as our standardized testing consultant. He helped redesign our testing process and brought his test taking skills practices to our school program.  He even created a math common language campaign for the entire school.  Our test scores soared and Kamaile Academy was named the Most Improved Charter School in all the Hawaiian Islands for 2013-2014! Thank you Dennis.” —Lisa S, Waianae, HI

Homeschool Co-Op Testimonials

wellmontlogo11“Our program is a hybrid program for homeschoolers. We function as an umbrella school, and meet two times per week. Our math program need was to have a program that helped students to stay on track while they are at home, while recieving tutoring when needed, and the accountability of the quizzing and testing. Mr. D Math has been wonderful for meeting these needs. We selected Mr. D Math because we were impressed with Dennis and with his ability to reach students, and we wanted to have a program that was user friendly for our teachers. His videos make teaching and learning enjoyable and fun. Our teaching staff loves using his program because all the work has been done for them. Their job is to HELP students who have questions. They don’t have to spend valuable class time teaching new concepts to students who are completely unfamiliar with the material. The videos provide a base for working together and keep us on track!  Integrating Mr. D Math has been a breeze. His online program runs itself. Linking him to our online platform is as easy as connecting to his site and logging in. The rest is explanatory. His program is very user friendly. Our students love Mr. D Math. Prior to this program, we used a common text used by many homeschool families, but the interaction and the tracking just wasn’t the same. This is so much better!”

—Danielle M – Wellmont Academy – St. Petersburg, FL

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.01.33 PM“We offer a wide range of classes to homeschool students in the Tampa Bay area from the core subjects to electives.  Many homeschool families welcome help with teaching math, especially when students reach upper-level concepts.  Mr. D’s math curriculum is taught in a way that makes sense to the students.  He understands that many students fear math and he is able to put students at ease so that they can grasp the math concepts with confidence.   After completing Mr. D math, students consistently excel as they tackle math at the college level.  Families enjoy being able to review math grades and their child/children’s progress utilizing Mr. D’s parent login.   The students thrive in Mr. D’s math program because of the relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.  Questions are welcomed and mistakes are used as a positive learning tool.  In addition, students can review concepts at home by watching the online recorded sessions to reinforce the classroom lesson(s).  We love Mr. D Math!”

—Corey M – Trinity Education Academy of Christian Homeschoolers – Tampa, FL