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The Mr. D Math Curriculum and beyond

After working with homeschool families for years, a mom told me “Mr. D, my son finally understands Algebra! Would you please just write your own book?” So I did just that. Now, I am excited to make this curriculum available to you.

This is the end of struggling with getting your kids to do math homework. They’ll actually enjoy math! The Mr. D Math Curriculum allows you to bring a world-class math teacher into your home, school, or co-op while infusing life skills for teens and goal-setting as the basis for program delivery.

On a weekly basis, your child will master the necessary concepts of math, while learning to manage their time, coursework completion, tests, and grades. This curriculum will leave your child prepared for tests such as the ACT and SAT, as well as college-level courses.

Beyond math, Mr. D Live offers unique and powerful courses that will provide depth and insight to your educational experience. Courses like “Life Skills 4 Teens” provides enriching, practical lessons that will prepare your student to maximize their life and accomplish their goals.

Philosophy / what makes it different

The Mr. D Live team seeks to partner with both parents and students to provide an interactive curriculum that will bring ease and understanding to everyone. By teaching concepts in a clear and engaging way to students of all learning styles and giving support to any student struggling, we provide an unmatched curriculum that can be completed at each student’s own pace.

Do it your way!

We know that each family and each student have different approaches and we strive to meet you where you are and accommodate an incredible educational experience.


We offer 3 ways to use the Mr. D Live Curriculum!

  1. Virtual Classroom: Your students can participate in our weekly online classes in our virtual classroom
  2. Self-Paced Course: You can access our online curriculum on your own with our self-paced classes
  3. Mr. D Math Co-Op: You can join a local Mr. D Math co-op, live in your area

Wondering if our Virtual Classroom or Self-Paced option is better for your student? Here’s a little more info on the course structures to help you find the best fit!

Check out all the options below