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From: Dennis DiNoia (“Mr. D”)

Re: Your Student’s Success on the Math SAT

Dear Parent,

I’m going to make a really bold statement … In just six weeks, it’s entirely possible for your child to raise their SAT math score by up to 120 points … without learning more math. I’ve seen it happen time and time again! And here’s why …

As most students prepare for the SAT, they’re stressed out, confused, and overwhelmed.

They don’t know how to review or study effectively … And quite frankly, their parents don’t really know how to help them either. (Most of the parents I talk to will readily admit this.)

Their future is hanging in the balance …

They’re worried that they’ll be “stuck” with a lower score than they would like. They’re imagining the rejection letters they’ll surely be getting from the colleges and universities they most want to attend … They’re already experiencing the embarrassment and humiliation they’ll feel when well-meaning friends and family ask them, “What happened?” These mental pressures can paralyze even the best and brightest students—not to mention the ones who’ve struggled with math for years—causing them to perform below their potential.

But what if things were different?

What if your child actually understood every question on the SAT? (Even the tricky ones …) What if they knew exactly how to deconstruct the word problems and “translate” them into formulas they already know how to solve? What if they knew the best way to use scientific and graphing calculators? (They’re allowed during the test, you know …) What if they understood how the SAT is scored and knew how to figure out the correct answers by eliminating all the incorrect ones?

What if they were relaxed and confident on test day?

That’s one of the major benefits students get from participating in our 6-week Online Math SAT Bootcamp. In this live, interactive program, we will cover everything your student needs for success on the math portion of the SAT. In addition to the test-taking “secrets” and strategies mentioned above, we’ll review all the formulas they’ll need to memorize. (There are a lot less than you might think!) Students will be asked to take multiple practice tests so they can see the results of what they’ve learned in action. They’ll get feedback during their live class session from one of our trained SAT Bootcamp course leaders, and their competence and confidence will grow quickly. They’ll also get access to the Mr. D. Math Test Prep Portal, with 6 hours of bonus video training and lots of other valuable resources. The cost of the program is only $197. The feeling of accomplishment can last a lifetime. I hope your student can join us!


Mr. D

“Before I met Mr. D, I would become so frustrated with tough equations on tests and complicated formulas I had to remember. It was so bad that even when I saw a simple algebra problem, it frightened me. I was at my wit’s end when I discovered Mr. D. While working with him, I learned how easy intricate/long problems and concepts can be. I can honestly say that no other math curriculum has made it this clear for me and given me this much confidence in myself. His SAT class helped me to get high enough scores that I was able to pick the college of my choice. I have never been this confident!”

-Nate R.

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Maria (Grade 12), Tampa, FL

Thanks to Mr. D’s Online Math SAT Bootcamp, I’ve raised my math score by 120 points since I first took the SAT!”

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Live, Interactive Web Meetings.

Mr. D has proven success raising students’ math scores on the SAT, and he’ll be teaching his unique and powerful strategies live online.

Mr D’s Test-Taking Secrets

Learn the best way to use a scientific calculator and how to decipher and interpret the kinds of word problems found on the SAT.

Mr. D Math Test Prep Portal

This members-only website contains a wealth of information, including over 6 hours of video training for the SAT math sections, plus online practice tests and additional resources for the SAT, ACT and PERT tests in all subject areas.

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