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Can I do the Self-Paced Class at any time?

Yes, self-paced courses can begin and end at any time. Their progress depends on the student’s understanding of the topics and willingness to do the work.

Why take a live online class?

Students in a live class session can practice and answer questions with a Mr. D Math teacher during the classes. Students love the interaction and they also like knowing what assignments are due each week.

How do I know what is the right class for me?

The best way is to take a look at the demo area and see what your young person is ready for any topic.

Are there discounts?

Yes, there are discounts for returning students.

There are discounts for all siblings as well.

Contact our admin team for details.
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What are extra help sessions and do all Mr. D Math students get to use them?

Extra help sessions are twice-a-week online meetings in which all students participating in Mr. D Math programs (live online and self-paced) can ask questions and receive help with challenging problems. It is like tutoring online and often includes more than one student, along with the teacher.

How do I start a Math Co-Op in my area?

Contact us! We will walk you through step by step how to start a program in your area. We will also provide training for the person being your facilitator.

What is our sequence of courses?


Algebra I


Algebra II

Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry

Why do you do Geometry before Algebra II?

We get asked this a lot. Some programs will do Algebra I, Algebra II and then Geometry. While that is a good model, we have found students are more prepared for a course like Algebra II which has more abstract Algebra than Algebra I by taking Geometry first.

We also find that students sharpen their Algebra I skills during Geometry as the kind of Algebra used in Geometry comes from Algebra I which really supports students in preparing for Algebra II.

Mr. D also believes that Algebra I trains left brain thinking while Geometry trains right brain thinking which creates a whole brain thinking approach to Algebra II.

When should my young person take the SAT or ACT Bootcamp?

Students should plan to take the SAT or ACT Bootcamp 6 weeks before their test. We schedule our Bootcamps around the SAT and ACT test dates. Students should be in Geometry or higher before taking a Bootcamp. We recommend students have completed Geometry and be in Algebra II or higher.

How can students ask Mr. D Math teachers questions during the week?

The best thing for students is using the live extra help sessions. However, sometimes students want to have their questions answered right away. They can reach Mr. D Math teachers by email anytime. We attempt and are pretty good at getting back to students the same day they ask a question and often within an hour of their email.

How long will your Self-Paced course stay active?

Self-Paced courses run year round.  Each course is open until March of the following school year for quiz submissions.  The course remains in your student account as a reference as needed.  It is like having your own math library online.

Student registers December 1, 2019 in one of our 2019-20 Self-Paced Courses.

Students can continue to submit assignments until March, of 2021.  Then the course will become an archived course.  Students can still access the archived course for review but can not take quizzes any longer once a course is archived.

If students need longer than the archive date, we will move them to the next newest course and transfer their grades.

If students do not log in to their course for more than one year, the student may become inactive. We will save their grades and should they want to resume courses with us, a new account will need to be created.  Grades are saved on server indefinitely as well if a student becomes inactive.

Our response to COVID-19.

We are an online company where our program content is delivered over the internet.  This means we do not ship product via mail so no human contact occurs with your course materials.  We deliver live online classes so we do not come in face-to-face contact with our students for those taking our live online or self-paced courses.  For our co-op programs, we have made available our live online class feature so students will not have any interruption in the course activities.  We will continue to support our families who need extra time in a course as well.  If you find you you will need extra time to complete a course, contact us and we will work out a plan that works for your family.  Our teachers and our team work from home already.  We do not have physical office space where we would be coming in contact with potential threats.  Please consult your local municipality guidelines for how to ensure you own safety during these unprecedented times.

Would you like to have an added question answered here?

Contact us with your question and we will contact you directly. We may also post your question on this FAQ as others may have the same question.

What are the differences between the LIVE and SELF-PACED Courses?

The biggest differences between the live instruction and self-paced classes are:

1.  The way the instruction is delivered:

a.  Live: students meet weekly with their instructor and other students to receive instruction

b.  Self-Paced: students watch the embedded video to receive instruction

2.  Pace:

a. Live: students are expected to complete their weekly assignments before attending class the following week

b.      Self-Paced: students can move at their own pace

    1.  Students can follow the pace chart available

    2.  Students can move at a faster pace

    3.  Students can move at a slower pace

3.  Cost

a. Live: curriculum is purchased and an additional fee is paid for live instruction

b. Self-Paced: curriculum is purchased



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