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Flamenco Dance and Guitar

Flamenco Dance and Guitar

Though the DiNoia Family is best known for teaching math to homeschoolers at MrDMath.com, as world schoolers, they are presently located in Madrid, Spain.   Raffa DiNoia, age 14, was recently accepted into the Royal Ballet Academy (which is flamenco dance in Spain) and is also studying flamenco guitar with Diego Losada, the musical director of Spain’s National Ballet.  

Flamenco music and dance are emblematic of Spain, but flamenco is much more than a red and black polka-dot dress.  Flamenco has a rich and deep history within Spain.  It comes from the area of Andalusia (Seville, Granada) and was born from the gypsy culture.  There are many similarities to American Blues.  The music comes from a deep expression of sorrow as well as pure joy.  Flamenco strives to express those deep emotions that all humans share, pain and anger as well as love and joy and deep respect.  Flamenco strives not for perfection, but for authenticity.

Even today, accessing authentic flamenco is not a simple endeavor outside of Spain itself.  The DiNoia family wanted to create a way for more people to be able to learn about and study this aspect of Spanish culture.  Using their online platform they have created 2 flamenco classes, one dance, and one guitar, to share their love of flamenco.  

Flamenco Dance Lessons

Teacher: Marta Fernandez, Professional Dancer and Choreographer who has worked with the biggest names in Flamenco and now serves as the Director of Flamenco at the Dance Conservatory of Riba Roja, Spain.

  1. Understand the emotion behind flamenco dance
  2. Learn basic foot, arm and hand techniques
  3. Learn “zapateados”, flamenco footwork
  4. Learn about different flamenco rhythms 
  5. Learn a complete choreography
  6. Opportunity to audition, via video submission, to study with Marta in Spain!

Flamenco Dance Level 1

With Marta Fernandez
Online “Virtual Classroom”
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Flamenco Guitar

Teacher: Diego Losada, Musical Director of the National Ballet of Spain.  One of the most highly acclaimed and accomplished flamenco guitarists in the world.

  1. Learn what is a flamenco guitar and why it is different
  2. Learn basic techniques of the posture, right hand, and left hand.
  3. Learn to coordinate both hands to play
  4. Learn alongside Raffa DiNoia so he can translate and ask the questions any student would want to ask.
  5. In six classes, with practice, you will have the basic foundation to play the flamenco guitar
  6. No understanding of music required

Flamenco guitar EDU

Flamenco Guitar Level 1

With Diego Losada
Online “Virtual Classroom”
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