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Homegrown Learners reviews the Mr. D Math SAT Bootcamp!

Homegrown Learners is one of the best blogs for homeschoolers out there!

Mary from Homegrown Learners is a homeschool mom and talented writer!

Here is her families experience with the Mr. D Math SAT Bootcamp.

“I contacted Mr. D (because he truly loves to interact with parents and is always available to answer your questions) about Anna taking his online SAT math bootcamp class. Mr. D told me she would benefit from the class and said he could even scale the practice problems for her because she has only completed Algebra I — the SAT includes Geometry and Algebra II and some Trig.

When you ask my daughter why she likes Mr. D she will tell you it is because he’s FUNNY. He makes math INTERESTING, and he puts it into a LANGUAGE SHE CAN UNDERSTAND.”

Read the entire blog post:  http://www.homegrownlearners.com/home/sat-prep-mrd

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