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Study Skills

8 Steps to Powerful Studying

For most kids, studying means reading over their textbook and notes and perhaps creating some flashcards, but if we understand that studying encompasses all it takes to truly master a subject and to demonstrate mastery by scoring well on assignments, exams, projects, and papers, then the total process includes much more.

We have identified eight powerful steps of studying any material, and in this course, we walk students through each step, with hands-on, practical lessons that they can put into practice right away.

Course Includes:

  • Introduction to Pre-Learning
  • How to Take Effective Textbook Notes
  • How to Take Effective Notes in a Nonfiction Book
  • How to Create a Master Study Guide 
  • Introduction to Maximizing Class Time
  • How to Take Effective Lecture Notes
  • How to Process Lecture Notes
  • How to Integrate Textbook and Lecture Notes and Create a Concept Map
  • Creating Study Tools Part 1
  • Creating Study Tools Part 2
  • Memorization Tips and Tools
  • How to Maximize Study Groups
  • How to Pre-Test Yourself
  • How to Take a Test
  • How to Take a Timed Essay Test
  • Reviewing Your Test

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