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Study Skills

Become a successful student who gets great grades!

This year-long, college prep course emphasizes the following core principles:

  • taking responsibility for success with concentrated and relevant time management and organization skills
  • the importance of distinct communication skills meant to improve the student’s partnership with college professors
  • a view of studying as synonymous with learning, expressed through a study timeline that emphasizes learning from pre-class exercises which increase understanding and retention to effective textual and lecture notes, processing of notes, creation of study tools, effective group study skills and efficient pre-testing techniques.

Embedded in this course is a sub-course on the elements of success. Texts and lectures, including TED talks, are used to help students practice study skills while learning principles, mindsets and habits that will improve their academic performance.

Topics include:

  • The making of an excellent student
  • Time management and organization
  • Partnering effectively with the professor
  • Pre-Learning and how to take textbook notes
  • How to use telegraphic sentences and shortcuts to capture key information in lecture notes
  • How to process lecture notes using
    • The Cornell Method
    • The Split Page Method
    • The Charting Method
    • The Outline Method
    • The Mapping Method
  • How to create and use a Study Timeline
  • How to create and use a Master Study Guide 
  • The creation of multiple, unique study tools that increase understanding and retention
  • How to lead and use study groups to maximize learning and pre-testing
  • Effective pre-testing skills
  • How to identify six types of essay questions
  • Steps to an effective essay
  • How to manage time during a timed essay test

The sub-course that will allow students to implement and practice the above skills is “The Keys to Student Success.”

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