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Something we are often asked regarding our technology education is, do we offer programming or robotics lessons at MYTEK LAB? It’s as if, as an industry and especially as it relates to children’s education, we’ve been conditioned to think of technology as either relating to programming or robotics. Both programming and robotics are great fields and we offer courses for both; however, we also offer many other opportunities for learning as our philosophy to technology education is helping students become well-rounded by gaining exposure to many different fields. And by approaching it in this manner, many students find a topic with which they become very passionate.

They think there is a lot of hard work involved and haven’t had enough education to create and achieve a goal. The truth is, there aren’t many programs out there that are designed to give teens the tools for success!

In our core TEKnology Lab levels 1, 2, and 3 courses, we offer many engaging and exciting areas of technology learning.

In addition to main areas of focus, we also focus on soft skills like interacting with a computer and understanding how to save and export files, interacting with text files, creating projects that interact with other applications, and many, many more.

Programming is a fundamental aspect woven into many of our lessons but there are also many other creative and professional areas of interest. For instance: 2D and 3D game art development, 3D modeling, virtual reality development, web design, database design, OS administration, networking, and more.

Since 2015, we’ve worked with thousands of students both in person and online and have really perfected the areas of learning we teach as well as the way we teach.

It’s important for students to be engaged in the concepts they’re learning. It’s also important to provide concrete examples for topics that can be obscure in nature and to provide many opportunities for creating projects to help reinforce the learning process.

We recommend level 1 for younger students or even older students with little previous technology exposure. We build solid programming skills by focusing on only block coding for all applications. Level 1 is a great starting point for grades 6 – 12.

We recommend level 2 for all students who have already completed level 1 or for students who are older or may already have some experience with programming and interacting with a computer. We move from block coding to simple typed coding to reinforce the coding concepts they’ve previously learned. Level 2 is a great starting point for anyone who has taken level 1 or for grades 7 – 12.

Level 3 is great for students who have already completed level 2 or for very advanced students looking for more. In level 3, we take a less creative and more professional approach to learning technology by laying a solid foundation in areas like networking, Linux OS, databases, and web scripting. We recommend level 3 for grades 8 – 12.

In our live and interactive online courses, I’m confident your children will gain numerous technology skills that will serve them in many areas of future academic or professional endeavors. Come and Be The Future with MYTEK LAB.

I look forward to working with your student!

Mr. Stephen

YouTuber Training Class

This class will teach students to create and run their own YouTube channel. They will learn to make quality videos and engage an audience! Students will establish realistic goals for growth and challenge their creativity. They will submit videos to the instructor and receive personalized feedback! In addition, classmates will watch each other’s videos to give feedback to their
peers. This teaches students to give constructive criticism which will benefit them in future endeavors. This class is great for students of all experience levels.

Already have a YouTube channel but want to challenge yourself to make it better? Great! Want a YouTube channel but don’t know where to start? Great! All are welcome and students will grow at their own pace.

Students will build their channel from the ground up- determining their style, direction, and establishing realistic goals. They will learn about branding themselves and their social media to maximize growth.

Students need a computer with editing software and something to film their videos (phone camera is great!). The skills needed to run a YouTube channel include time management, creativity, organization, planning, and
more. These will all be developed through this class and will help students later in life regardless of what career they pursue.

Homework will be 1-3 hours a week. Similar to an art class, grading is subjective. I want students to have fun and push themselves, while not adding additional stress to their lives. This should be an enjoyable class and
students will not need to be pressured by earning a grade. That being said, as long as a student fulfills the requirements of the assignment, they will earn an A.


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Malia, parent

MYTEK LAB is the next level education for computer programming. They offer a positive experience for both child and parents. We thoroughly enjoy every minute of their process. Thank you MYTEK LAB.

Sarah, parent

Our family cannot say enough amazing things about this place. William has been attending for several years and it is still his favorite day of the week. Thomas started a little over a year ago and has grown so much.